Nothing But Blue Sky by: Kathleen MacMahon - BUY BOOK
"The writing is exquisite; there's barely a page without a description or a phrase that's worth re-reading."
"What a beautiful novel...Elegant, understated, subtly powerful and rings so perfectly true."
JULIA KELLY/The Irish Times
"Written with a wonderful lightness of touch....filled with astute observations of human behaviour."

"Inisghtful and deeply moving ...I loved this book." Christine Dwyer Hickey.....

"Explores the complexities of the human heart and reveals how even in the depths of grief, unexpected light can emerge." David Park..... . "A stunning deptiction of marriage from inside and out." Henrietta McKervey....."Gentle and triumphant." Anne Griffin....."Absorbing, emotionally resonant...a marvellous achievement." Neil Hegarty. "In prose that is elegant and understated, Kathleen Mac Mahon illuminates the life of this man, now stripped of his certainties and statistics, as he attempts come to terms with the extraordinary physicality of his grief...." Catherine Dunne.



"A beautiful read...... the writing is exquisite....there's barely a page without a description or a phrase that's worth re-reading.....MacMahon's precise prose lifts the lid on the cliches and societal mores around our response to death, probing with a surgeon's skill at the rawness underneath..." John Walshe, BUSINESS POST.... " acutely observed portrait of a relationship....the novel is full of beautiful prose, powerful metaphors and astute observations of human behaviour...." Julia Kelly, THE IRISH TIMES......"Its tragic theme is softened by MacMahon's tender-hearted storytelling and the effect is touching and enthralling." Penny Perrick, THE SUNDAY TIMES. "David is a wonderfully convincing character, and although this painfully acute portrait of grief has moments of bleakness, it's also full of humour and brims with the warmth of family, friendship and the possibility of second chances..." The People. "A piece of perfection - a subtle, thought-provoking investigation of a marriage. It rings true. It's the best book I've read this year...." Sue Leonard, The Examiner.