A new short story.

A strange thing happened to me when I was last in London, something I haven’t yet mentioned to anybody. I need to find a way of explaining it to myself before I can tell anyone else. I’m hoping it might help to set it down on paper.

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A story for Valentines’ Day

Hannah was born with no sense of smell. At first nobody noticed this, least of all Hannah, who knew no different. She heard people talking about smells – good ones, bad ones – but they existed outside of the place that was her world. Hannah had been born prematurely, with consequent sensory defects. 

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‘A CITY OF THE PAST,’ A short story published by The Irish Times

“It had always been Eva’s intention to go back to the city where she had spent a single, disproportionately dense year as a young woman, but somehow or other a quarter of a century had passed, and she had not done so…..”

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On writing the short story ‘BRAVE GIRL’, an essay for The Lonely Crowd.

“The novel has to come in with a whoosh if it’s going to make the distance. But the short story travels cross country and without dramatics, powered entirely by me….

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